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Power and Religiosity in a Post-Colonial Setting Sinhala Catholics in Contemporary Sri Lanka 1st Published

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Book Information

Herausgeber:Cambridge University Press
Herausgegeben in:1992
Gewicht:640 gms
Biblio:pp. xviii + 237, 4 Figures, 10 Tables, 2 Maps, Index, Glossary, References, Notes, Abbreviations, Acknowledgement

Der Titel "Power and Religiosity in a Post-Colonial Setting Sinhala Catholics in Contemporary Sri Lanka 1st Published" wurde geschrieben von R.L. Stirrat. Dieses Buch wurde veröffentlicht im Jahr 1992. Die ISBN 0521415551|9780521415552 ist der Hardback Ausgabe dieses Buchs zugewiesen. Dieses Buch gibt es auch als Paperback . Das hier gezeigte Buch ist eine 1st Published Ausgabe. Dieses Buch hat insgesamt pp. xviii + 237 Seiten. Der Herausgeber dieses Titels ist Cambridge University Press. Wir haben etwa 81823 andere großartige Bücher von diesem Herausgeber. Power and Religiosity in a Post-Colonial Setting Sinhala Catholics in Contemporary Sri Lanka 1st Published ist derzeit bei uns erhältlich.

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Über das Buch

Over the past few decades a series of Catholic shrines have sprung up in Sri Lanka which draw hundreds of pilgrims. Although best known as centres for the exorcism of the demonically possessed, their miraculous efficacy also extends to helping people find jobs and preferment, and to alleviating suffering. Dr Stirrat, who has worked in Sri Lanka over a long period, is interested both in how people behave at the shrines, and in the historical and social contexts in which the shrines have appeared. He argues that an understanding of their religious importance is intricately connected with power, religious and political. This view challenges the conventional distinction between 'religion' and 'politics', and accordingly, religious suffering is seen as a complex metaphor linking together various social domains and a means through which conflicts over power and authority can be expressed. Dr Stirrat treats the development of these shrines, the discourses used, and the goals of the devotees as commentaries on changing power Relations as well as attempts by the faithful to gain access to divine power.

Über den Autor

R. L. Stirrat is Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the School of African and Asian Studies, University of Sussex. He is The Author of On the beach : Fishermen, fishwives and fishtraders in post - colonial Lanka (1988).


List of Maps and Figures
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction
2. The Colonial Church
3. The Church in Crisis
4. The Rise of Kudagama
5. Demonic Possession and the Battle Against Evil
6. Suffering and Sacrifice
7. Holy Men and Power
8. Patronage and Religion
9. On the Borders
10. Conclusion

List of References