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The Doctrine of Maya in Advaita Vedanta 1st Published


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Book Information

Herausgeber:Punthi Pustak
Herausgegeben in:1992
Gewicht:1 gms
Biblio:pp. xvi + 191, Index, References, Biblio.

Der Titel "The Doctrine of Maya in Advaita Vedanta 1st Published" wurde geschrieben von D.R. Satapathy. Dieses Buch wurde veröffentlicht im Jahr 1992. Die ISBN 8185094543|9788185094540 ist der Hardback Ausgabe dieses Buchs zugewiesen. Das hier gezeigte Buch ist eine 1st Published Ausgabe. Dieses Buch hat insgesamt pp. xvi + 191 Seiten. Der Herausgeber dieses Titels ist Punthi Pustak. Wir haben etwa 271 andere großartige Bücher von diesem Herausgeber. The Doctrine of Maya in Advaita Vedanta 1st Published ist derzeit bei uns erhältlich.

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Über das Buch

The Book is my Ph.D. dissertation written under the supervision and guidance of Dr. P.B. Vidyarthi, Prof. of Philosophy, Ranchi University. I too, had worked my D. Lit. with him on the topic concept of person! It is always a joy to be with him & understand philosophy. It is a rare chance for a scholar.

Both the works are vedanta. As everybody knows no philosophy of the world has opened such wide vista to a philosophic seeker as vedanta. With regard to important questions like 'world' and man's ultimate destiny Shankara's analysis, in particular, has brought revolution.

My aim is to understand Shankara in the bosom of Modern Thought to see what clue Vedanta Philosophy of India can provide to explain and understand the riddle of life and existence. Advaitic conclusion of the world as Maya and reality as Brahman are A Few positive approaches to the question.

I dedicate the work to my parents; my father, a voracious reader, always a book in hand, who is no more and my mother, a brave woman.

I remember too, at this occasion my teachers, especially my beacon guide into the philosophic arena Prof. Shyama Kumar Chattopadhyay P.R.S., Prof. of Philosophy, Raven-shaw College, Cuttack.

May I not speak about my wife who sacrificed all her comforts that I move freely in the philosophic wonder land.

The path of God is strewn with Truth (Mundak. up.)

Über den Autor

Dr. Dharaniranjan Satapathy, born in Bagalpur, Dt. Cuttack, Orissa (INDIA). B.A. (Hons) in Sanskrit, M.A. in English and M.A. in Philosophy, Ph.D. & D. Lit. wrote many papers, published books on Shankara's conception of the world and other Essays, a collection of essays based on fundamental questions of Philosophy, Religion and Buddhism. A poet with collection of poems, title -

Tume O' Mu (Thou & I) in Oriya. "An introduction to philosophy of upanisad" is going to press.

Sometimes lecturer in English at present he is Reader and Head Post.-.Graduate Deptt. of Philosophy, Gangadhar Meher College, Sambalpur (Orissa). Earned recognition among men of achievement of Asia 1992.


Chap 1. Prolegomena. (Theory of Appearance as the Foundation of all critical Philosophy
Chap 2. The Problem :
Section II : Reality can not be a logical Subject nor Maya a logical error-some further arguments
Section III : Reality cannot but be one without a second-Status of Plurality
Section IV : Ka Sa Avidya Ka Visaya Va - Some Dialectics
Section V : The Sources of the Doctrine - Charges and Refutation

Chap 3. Reconstructions I : from mandana till 15th Century
Chap 4. Reconstructions II
Chap 5. Maya as the language and thought of the omniscient - the resolution of the problem of language and Reality in Advaita Vedanta
Chap 6. Problem for the West
Chap 7. Revelation in Sankara
Chap 8. Conclusion